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Lost in Space is an American science fiction television series, created and produced by Irwin Allen, which originally aired between 1965 and 1968. The series was inspired by the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson and a comic book published by Gold Key Comics titled Space Family Robinson Lost in Space Wiki This community was created by fans, for fans, and is dedicated to creating a comprehensive and informative encyclopedia about all subject matter relating to the extended Lost in Space series Lost in Space is an American science fiction web television reboot of the 1965 series of the same name, following the adventures of a family of pioneering space colonists whose spaceship veers off-course

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  1. A Lost in Space - Elveszve az űrben (eredeti angol nyelvű címén Lost in Space) 2018-ban bemutatott amerikai sci-fi televíziós sorozat.Az azonos című 1965-ös sorozatot gondolta újra, amely pedig egy 1812-ben megjelent regény, a Robinson család átdolgozása volt.. A 2018-as sorozat egy űrbéli gyarmatra tartó, de hajótörést szenvedett csoport kalandjait mutatja be
  2. Lost in Space (1965) é um seriado de televisão, produzido entre os anos de 1965 e 1968, que conta as aventuras da família Robinson no espaço, a bordo da nave Júpiter 2, juntamente com o Robô B9 e o Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris Sinopse. No futuro ano de 1997 a Terra sofre com sua superpopulação..
  3. Lost in Space is a 1998 movie based on the 1960s television series of the same name. The film featured digital and animatronic effects by the Jim Henson Creature Shop, for the characters of Blawp and the Robot. 1 Cast 2 Jim Henson's Creature Shop 3 Trivia 4 External Links William Hurt as Prof..
  4. Jeff is out there somewhere Lost in Space Jeff must prove his love for Hayley to escape a slave ship. Season: 8 Episode: 18 Total Episode Count: 151 Prod. no.: 7AJN20 First Aired: May 5, 2013 Guest Starring: Michael McKean, Sinbad, Sean Hayes Featuring: Jeff Fischer Also Appearing: Hayley, Roger, Emperor Zing, Foster, The Summoner, The Majestic, Sinbad, Toby, Phil, Stan, Francine, Steve.
  5. The wiki was created on February 12, 2017 and currently has 115 articles, 129 files and 2,041 edits! You can help us by contributing! Hello and welcome to the Astra Lost in Space Wiki, the encyclopedia for the anime and manga, Astra Lost in Space, that anyone, including you, can edit.Please feel free to contribute to our open, collaborative community site and help us complete our goal to build.
  6. As I always say, class, you're out of this world!- Ms. Frizzle The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space is the series premiere of The Magic School Bus and the franchise as a whole. It originally aired on PBS on September 11th, 1994. 1 Plot 2 Link to Episode 3 Trivia 4 Goofs 5 Subpages Ms. Frizzle's class is constructing a model of the solar system. Arnold's cousin, Janet, can't wait to.
  7. Lost in Space is an American science fiction television series which was originally aired in the United States for three seasons, for a total of 83 episodes from September 1965 to March 1968. The first season of the show was in black and white, the second and third season were in color. It was produced and created by Irwin Allen.. In the year 1997 Earth is suffering from overpopulation

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A Lost in Space - Elveszve az űrben 1998-ban készült tudományos-fantasztikus film; az azonos című sorozat alapján készült. Londonban és Sheppetonban forgatták, a New Line Cinema gyártotta. Történet. 2058-ban a Föld a végső összeomlás előtt áll, ezért az emberiség új lakható bolygók után kutat. Ennek. This is a list of the characters from the 1965-1968 television series Lost in Space. For a list of the characters from the 1998 Lost in Space film, see the article Lost in Space film characters. Principal Characters Other Characters Character Name First App Episode Name John Robinson 8501 No Place to Hide/The Reluctant Stowaway Judy Robinson 8501 No Place to Hide/The Reluctant Stowaway Maureen. Lost in Space is a now-removed section created by JoshyMelons and was added on December 24th, 2018 and removed on an unknown date. This section includes two ladders at the start you would need to climb, followed by another ladder you would need to climb to jump on 4 rotating 1 stud platforms. Then you'd need to jump on another 3 rotated ladders with killparts on them and another 3 rotated.

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Fenestra (Melinda O. Fee) is a manipulative circus performer in the 1966 episode Space Circus for the TV series Lost in Space. In order to avoid helping locate ore that theRobinsonsneed to repair their food purification unit,Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris)pretends he is ill, then lies down and takes a nap. He is awoken by a large, hairy beast. He cries out, andPenny (Angela Cartwright. Lost in Space was a CBS network science fiction TV series created by Irwin Allen, that starred Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Billy Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Jonathan Harris and Bob May as the Robot (the Robot's voice was done by Dick Tufeld). The show first premiered on September 15, 1965 and aired on Wednesday evenings

Lost in Space is a now-removed section created by JoshyMelons and was added on December 24th, 2018 and removed on March 16, 2019. Information. This section includes two ladders at the start you would need to climb, followed by another ladder you would need to climb to jump on 4 rotating 1 stud platforms Fenestra (Melinda O. Fee) is a manipulative circus performer in the 1966 episode Space Circus for the TV series Lost in Space. In order to avoid helping locate ore that the Robinsons need to repair their food purification unit, Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) pretends he is ill, then lies down and takes a nap Lost in Space je američka naučno-fantastična TV-serija koja se originalno emitirala na programu mreže CBS od 1965. do 1968.Protagonisti su bili članovi astronautske porodice poslane da kolonizira svemir, a čija je letjelica zbog sabotaže skrenula s puta

Lost in Space is an American science fiction television series, created and produced by Irwin Allen, which originally aired between 1965 and 1968. The series was inspired by the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson and a comic book published by Gold Key Comics titled Space Family Robinson. The series follows the adventures of the Robinsons, a pioneering family of space colonists who struggle. Lost in Space. Release year: 2018. After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fights against all odds to survive and escape. But they're surrounded by hidden dangers. 1. Impact 64m. On the way to a space colony, a crisis sends the Robinsons hurtling toward an unfamiliar planet, where they struggle to survive a harrowing night..

Lost in Space is an American science fiction television series created and produced by Irwin Allen, filmed by 20th Century Fox Television, and broadcast on CBS.The show ran for three seasons, with 83 episodes airing between September 15, 1965, and March 6, 1968. The first television season was filmed in black and white, with the second and third seasons filmed in color Lost in Space is a Netflix Original series that re-imagines the 1960s television series for the 21st century. The reboot stars Molly Parker (House of Cards), Toby Stephens (Black Sails) and Parker Posey. Lost in Space Featurette The Robinsons' Journey HD Netflix Lost in Space Date Announcement HD Netflix It builds on the classic scenario that's always been behind this franchise. With Earth in.

Lost in Space Universe. Category page. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) All related material from the Lost in Space television series franchise. Trending pages. Galactic Federation; Robot (Lost in Space) Deltan (Lost in Space) Bloop; Robot (Lost in Space, 2018) Zonian; Pocket Dragon Lost in Space is a modded Minecraft series in ExplodingTNT's channel. It is the second modded Minecraft series ExplodingTNT has made, the first one being Lost Island. The trailer of Lost In Space was posted several days before the first episode was released. It went on hiatus after the first episode was released. Episode 1 will come out on Saturday November 25th. Make sure you leave a. The robot is from Lost in Space. History. She was portrayed by Lisa in Marge's dream He appeared with actor Dr. Smith at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con. Dr. Smith wanted to molest Bart Simpson, but the robot warned Bart. There is a dummy of Lost in Spase in the Things That Should't Talk, But Do section at the Museum of Television and TV

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Lost in Space is een Amerikaanse sciencefictionfilm uit 1998, gebaseerd op de gelijknamige televisieserie uit 1965. De hoofdrollen worden vertolkt door William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc, Gary Oldman, Jack Johnson, en Lacey Chabert Verhaal. In het jaar 2058 is de Aarde dermate vervuild geraakt dat de planeet spoedig. Lost in Space, az Avantasia zenekar 2007-es kislemeze Ez egy egyértelműsítő lap , a hasonló megnevezések közötti választást segíti elő. Ha valamelyik cikkből kerültél ide, arra kérünk, lépj vissza, és pontosítsd benne a hivatkozást , hogy ne erre az egyértelműsítő lapra, hanem közvetlenül a kívánt jelentésre mutasson Artcles in this category are about the Lost in Space TV series Lost in Digital Space Airdate (Ja:) January 11, 2011(En:) March 23, 2014 Animationstudio Toei Animation View on Wikimon 1 Synopsis 2 Featured characters 3 DigiAnalyzer 4 Digimon Data Collection 5 DigiCard 6 Digivolutions 7 Quotes 8 Other notes 8.1 Continuity errors 8.2 Dubbing changes 8.3 Real-world references 8.4 Miscellaneous trivia Nene ruminates with the Fusion Fighters over the results of.

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Created by Irwin Allen, Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless. With Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins, Taylor Russell. After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fight against all odds to survive and escape, but they're surrounded by hidden dangers ¿Estás buscando Nyan Cat: Lost in Space Online Game? Haga clic aquí. Nyan Cat: Lost in Space is a free app made by Istom Games Kft. The latest version of the game is 8.5, which made the achievements of Warrior, Veteran and UFO Visitor easier to complete. The update also included multiple bug fixes Turbo. Lost Galaxy. Power Rangers In Space, often abbreviated as PRIS or simply referred to as In Space , was the sixth season of Power Rangers. It used footage from the twenty-first Super Sentai series, Denji Sentai Megaranger, and was dubbed in South Korea as Megaranger (메가레인저 Megaleinjeo ), taking after its Sentai counterpart Lost in MySpace is the 4th episode ofSeason 13and 239th episode overall inKing of the Hill, and first aired on November 2, 2008. 1 Synopsis 2 Subplot 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Strickland Propane creates a MySpace page in order to boost business, despite Hank's objections to the idea, preferring his down-to-business fact sheet. Buck gives Donna full control over the page, and she fills it with. Add a photo to this gallery. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon

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Lost in Space ('Perditi in caelis' vel 'in spatio') fuit series televisifica Americana, quae 1965-1968 vulgata est, de familia Robinson (John, Maureen, Judy, Penny, Will) anno temporis futuri 1997.Hi faciunt iter navi volante nomine Iuppiter II ad stellam Alpha Centauri, quo coloniam pro incolis nimium frequentibus in planeta Terra condituri sperant. . Familiam comitantur etiam gubernator. Lost in Space is an American science fiction TV series which was created by Irwin Allen and produced at the 20th Century Fox studios. It ran on CBS from 1965 until 1968, making three seasons with a total of 83 episodes. Its first season was made in black-and-white while its second and third seasons were made in color. The show stars Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen.

Mina Sundwall (Lost in Space) Wiki Biography Mina Sundwall was born in New York City, USA, on 23 October 2001, so under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and holding American nationality - she is popular for her acting career, especially for her role in the Lost in Space TV series Astra Lost in Space (彼方のアストラ, Kanata no Asutora) is a Japanese manga series by Kenta Shinohara. It was serialized online between May 2016 and December 2017 via Shueisha's Shōnen Jump+ website/app. It was collected in five tankōbon volumes. The manga is published in English by Viz Media. An anime television series adaptation by Lerche aired from July 3 to September 18, 2019. In. 1 Card Overview 2 Card Front 3 Card Back 4 Rulings, Clarifications, and Reminders If you become Lost in Time and Space while you are delayed, you'll still right your investigator token during the Action Phase. Lost in Time and Space features some effects involving a spawned Gate ‐ all these effects are additional, they don't replace the usual spawning of 1 Monster on the Gate's space. Other.

Lost in Space is a world in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The Arc 1 was first released in December 22th 2017. While on the lightspeed time, Crazy Dave and Penny was suddenly attacked by Dr. Zomboss (who uses his new Zombot: Zombot Intergalactic UFO-3000) makes both Crazy Dave and Penny stucks in an.. Get ready for Lost in Space Season 2 by watching this handy recap of Season 1. Lost in Space Season 2 drops December 24th on Netflix. Watch Lost In Space, On.. Love's Labours Lost in Space is the fourth episode of production Season One and the fourth broadcast episode of Futurama. It originally aired in North America on April 11, 1999. The episode was written by Brian Kelley and directed by Brian Sheesley. This episode introduces the recurring character Zapp Brannigan when he attempts to prevent the Planet Express crew from completing their mission. Astra Lost in Space is a 2019 anime based on the manga series by Kenta Shinohara. It premiered in Japan on July 3, 2019. Funimation Entertainment is producing a SimulDub of the series, which will premiere on the FunimationNow streaming service on July 24, 2019. 1 Voice Cast 1.1 Main Cast 1.2..

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Lost in Space was an Earth television programme that Destrii watched in her youth to relieve the monotony of her daily life. When they first met, she told Izzy Sinclair that this programme and others were part of the reason that Earth culture was completely amazing. (COMIC: Ophidius) The Tenth Doctor thought that Servo-furnishings were a bit Lost in Space-y. (PROSE: Sick Building Lost in Space (1998) Director: Stephen Hopkins The year is 2058. Most of the Earth's natural resources are virtually exhausted and will no longer support human life. The government decides that another planet shall be the human race's new home and the government begins construction of two Hypergates that will allow the human race to travel across space to the distant planet Alpha Prime.

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Lost in Space (Part 1)is the first part of the two-part series finale (season 9) of Family Matters, that was originally aired from CBS on July 10, 1998. It was directed by Joel Zwick and written both by Gary Goodrich and Tim Stack. 1 Plot 2 Synopsis 3 Cast and Characters 3.1 Main 3.2 Supporting.. Lost in Space is a side quest available in Old Town. Dawud turned and I couldn't stop it. He'd been infected too long, and he missed the window for taking Antizin. Now I have to locate his son Sammy, and then find a way to get him back to his mother. Help Dawud Find Sammy I found Sammy. He's uninjured, but very shaken. Troy says she can arrange to get him back to the Tower. I'll follow up on. The Robots are a mysterious species of sapient, robotic life forms from an alien star system. 1 Biology 2 History 3 Gallery 4 Notes Members of this species have no recognizable faces, but a series of lights on their visors. They're normally equipped with multiple limbs, but are capable of reconfigurating themselves into a more humanoid body plan. They've displayed extraordinary strength, as. Final Space is a serialized intergalactic space saga about an astronaut named Gary and his adorable, planet-destroying friend, Mooncake.. The series follows their adventures as they embark on a quest to unlock the mystery of Final Space, the place where the entire universe ends The event requires you to apocalypse 2 times and to have already finish the Other Tower event, time between events has a cool down of 2 days the first time you play them. Note: Events are started automatically, so it's advised to be prepared. You can replay the event with a Replay Token which you can purchase at the Gran's Wool & Tech Shop. *Replays have a cool down of 4 days between them.

Lost in Space was a rival for Star Trek: The Original Series in the realm of serious sci-fi, which might explain the show's turn from serious Speculative Fiction into Fantastic Comedy to keep a share of the viewing audience. Ratings wise, Lost in Space was actually the more popular series by far during their original run This is a list of the various episodes in the Lost in Space series. It's auto-populated and auto-alphabetised — as long as you use{{Infobox episode}} 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Explanations 4 Gallery 5 Others 6 References Robot is a main character on Netflix's Lost in Space. He is an artificial lifeform from an unknown planet. He was found and rescued by Will Robinson of the Jupiter 2. He develops a bond with Will Robinson, becoming his servant and later his friend. He is an amalgam of shapeshifting alien metal and organic thought. The following is a list of episodes of Lloyd in Space, an American animated television series that ran on ABC (as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning) from February 2, 2001 to February 16, 2002 and then on Toon Disney from October 1, 2002 to February 27, 2004 Lost in Space: Performed by: Dawson Palmer Angus was originally a man from 11th century Scotland, and the great-great-great-great granduncle of Hamish Rhu Glamis. Due to some unspecified evil deed, he was cursed upon death, and his spirit was transformed into a monstrous aquatic creature, dwelling in the waters of the lake besides the Glamis.

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Lost in Space is a pinball machine produced by Sega. External Links Internet Pinball Database entry Recent auction results Internet Pinball Serial Number Database entry Lost in Space Manufacturer Sega System Sega/Stern Whitestar Designer Music / Sound: Brian Schmidt Software: Neil Falconer, Orin Day Release Date May 1998 Production Run 600 (approx. The Talking Brain (referred to as Your Brain on its Steam trading card.), is an immobile entityThe Protagonist encounters in The Siren's Lair. The player runs into The Talking Brain three times. It must be attacked in order to proceed. After attacking it The Siren will spawn and it will have to be lured away in some way in order to progress in the area. 1 Quotes 1.1 Area 1 1.2 Area 2 1.3. Space Circus is the fifth episode of season two of the American science fiction television series Lost in Space and the thirty-fourth episode of the series overall. It was directed by Harry Harris and written by Bob and Wanda Duncan.It first aired on the CBS network on Wednesday, October 12th, 1966.. In this episode, the Robinson family go through a food crisis when their plant purifier. Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 9, Shell Game is a fantastic penultimate chapter, ensuring the stakes are at their highest for the finale. This recap of Netflix Series Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 9, Shell Game contains significant spoilers

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Lost in Space (1965) | Logopedia | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki ⁣. List of books Sponge in Space! is a SpongeBob SquarePants book written by Geof Smith and illustrated by Heather Martinez and released on January 10, 2012. This book is an adaptation of the episode Sandy's Rocket. Deep space explorer SpongeBob SquarePants blasts off from BikiniBottom and discovers there's no place like home. This Little Golden Book is a close encounter of the silly kind that. Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy In Space is an upcoming Web series coming in 2022 and is a sequel to Bee and PuppyCat. It is also created by Natasha Allegri. While originally planned to release in 2019, the series was delayed until 2022, with only the first episode premiering at Ottawa Animation Festival in 2019. In October of 2020 it was officially revealed to be coming to Netflix sometime in 2022 [7. Lost in Space Billy Mumy Angela Cartwright 1965.jpg 1,855 × 2,468; 1.29 MB Lost in Space Jonathan Harris & Robot 1967.jpg 338 × 440; 71 KB Lost in Space Jonathan Harris 1966.jpg 737 × 960; 146 K Visit to a Hostile Planet is the second episode of season three of the American science fiction television series Lost in Space and the sixty-first episode of the series overall. It was directed by Sobey Martin and written by Peter Packer. The episode was produced by Irwin Allen with William D. Faralla as associate producer. It first aired on the CBS network on September 13th, 1967. 1.

General References Notes/Trivia Quotes Goofs Previous Episode's Goofs /// Lost in Space's Goofs \\\\\\ Next Episode's Goofs Season 7 American Dad Season 8 Season 9 #01Love, American Dad Style #08Finger Lenting Good #15The Missing Kink #02Killer Vacation #09The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone And His Boy Jabari #16The Boring Identity #03Can I Be Frank (With You) #10Blood Crieth Unto Heaven #17The. Lost in Space Part 1 on Avantasia-musiikkiprojektin ep-levy, joka on julkaistu vuonna 2007.. Kappaleet. Lost in Space - 3.52; Lay All Your Love on Me - 4.23 (ABBA-cover); Another Angel Down - 5.42; The Story Ain't Over - 4.5 LOST IN SPACE is the first episode of the game 60 Parsecs! played by Jacksepticeye. LOST IN SPACE Release Date September 20, 2018 Length 45:20 Link LOST IN SPACE: Playlist Guide: Episode 1: Game 60 Parsecs! ← previous N/ Looking for Nyan Cat: Lost in Space App Game? Click here.. Nyan Cat: Lost in Space is a online game available to play on the a website here.It is a platformer game where you have to collect milk, cookies, and other foods while avoiding dogs, UFOs, and Tac Nayn or else you will lose your score multiplier. Your score multiplier is increased everytime you collect milk and there appears to be no.

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Lost in Parking Space, Part Two is the thirtieth episode of Drawn Togetherand the eighth episode of season three. 1 Storyline 2 Notes and inside references 3 Goofs: 4 Animated cameos 5 Cultural references 6 Streaming Picking up where the previous episode left off, the housemates in the van are in a panic. Desperate for water, Toot grabs hold of Ling-Ling's aquarium (which Ling-Ling had. Lost in Space (TV series; 1965 - 1968) Ted Cassidy (Episode 2.9 The Thief from Outer Space) Michael Conrad (Episode 3.20 Fugitives in Space) Royal Dano (Episode 1.27 The Lost Civilization) Jonathan Harris (Episode 2.27 The Phantom Family) Lamar Lundy (unaired pilot No Place to Hide, Episode 1.4 There were Giant in the Earth) Guy Williams (Episode 3.15 The Anti-Matter Man) Angela Cartwright.

Lost in Space is a theme in Board Kings that can be purchased for 500. Lost in Space is a board with dark stone tiles and gray and blue buildings in the middle of a flat reddish planet Lost In Space This song is by Dune and appears on the album Expedicion (1996). Start up everybody now We are here and lost in space We're gonna leave the homebase now So just look out, face to face Please clap your hands and stamp your feet We are losing our control We're going now right to the sun So please give me a call Start up everybody now We are here and lost in space We're. 1 Bayagototh 2 In Game 2.1 Nezumi Testing 2.2 The Last Area 2.3 The Lost Tapes 2.4 In Midnight Mode 2.5 The Gallery of Light 3 Children of Bayagototh 4 Outside of Lost In Vivo 4.1 Ritual Wails to the Cosmic Tree 4.2 Youtube 5 Trivia 6 Gallery Bayagototh is a mysterious character in Lost In Vivo. Bayagototh does not seem to play a large role in the story, though they are directly involved in. Lost In Space This song is by Luna and appears on the album Penthouse (1995). It's true You're lazy You're tired And crazy And you know there's something more But you can't give it a name Someone's selling all your heroes And they seem so tame You heard it all before And said your case was tragic You heard it all before And now they say it's magic You need Time off.

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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Lost in Space. The content here is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Please follow one of the disambiguation links above or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed Lost in Space Summary : This is a TV reimaging of Lost in Space, the classic sci-fi take on the Swiss Family Robinson story with the Robinsons being lost on a mysterious planet

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Lost in Space Fungus is a Puzzle game from Kreludor on Neopets. Site Description A Grundo is exploring deep space on a mission from Kreludor when his tiny vessel is suddenly swallowed by a Giant Space Fungus!! Ew!! The Grundo's navigation system is thrown out of whack, and as a result he can only fly in weird, useless circles Lost in Space: Season 1 68% Critics Consensus: Lost in Space 's production values are ambitious enough to attract sci-fi adventure fans, while the story's large heart adds an emotional anchor to. The Lost Spy is the tenth episode in the Final Space series. It aired on August 26, 2019 on Adult Swim and September 2, 2019 on TBS. . 1 Plot 2 Summary 3 Cast 4 Gallery 5 Trivia 6 References Gary and his crew search on Galang-22 for Little Cato; Clarence, Fox, and Ash pull off their greatest.. Unofficial wiki for Endless Space, created by French independent developer Amplitude Studios. Chronicles of the Lost, the seventh Add-On for Endless Space: Disharmony, is now available! Chronicles of the Lost features new Heroes, 24 new colonization events, 8 exploring events and improvements for the AI. Moreover, the AI can now play the custom factions that you have created. Also included in. Lost in Space Retro B9 Robot Danger Will Robinson Graphic Tee T-Shirt for Men. 4.8 out of 5 stars 67. $21.50 $ 21. 50. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Lost In Space: The Complete Classic Series. 4.8 out of 5 stars 473. DVD $21.99 $ 21. 99 $24.99 $24.99

Pigs in Space is a recurring sketch from The Muppet Show, featuring the exploits of Captain Link Hogthrob, First Mate Piggy, and Dr. Julius Strangepork leading a crew of pigs aboard the Swinetrek.The sketch, in concept, is essentially a parody of Star Trek, Lost in Space and other space operas of the 1960s and 70s.. Pigs in Space first appeared on The Muppet Show during the second season

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